Battalion 1

Battalion Chief - Brian Noel (B2411)

Battalion 1 consists of five volunteer companies and two CAL FIRE Stations.  The Battalion Chief is Brian Noel.  Each SCFD Battalion 1 volunteer company has a Type II Engine, Type III Engine, Water Tender, and Rescue.  The volunteer companies in Battalion 1 have extremely dedicated volunteers who care about their communities and the people within them.  These companies are actively recruiting new members to join the dedicated volunteers who provide such a valuable service.


 Department Identifier * Location
 SCFD  Company 10  Cassel
 SCFD  Company 11
 Hat Creek
 Company 12
 Old Station
 Company 13
 Soldier Mountain
 Company 70
 Big Bend
 Station 14
 Station 19
 Big Bend

 * Click on the Station or Company for more information.


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