Battalion 2

Battalion Chief - Ken Lowe (B2412)

Battalion 2 consists of four Shasta County Volunteer Fire Companies and four CAL FIRE Stations under the supervision of Battalion Chief Ken Lowe.  Each volunteer company in Battalion 2 has a Type II Engine, Type III Engine, Rescue and Water Tender.  These companies are actively involved in recruitment, training, emergency response, facility/equipment maintenance and various fund raising activities.  The stations in Battalion 2 provide services to five communities in ShastaCounty with a variety of challenges from commercial and industrial structures, large utility distribution facilities, a variety of dynamic fuels and topography, as well as severe snow and ice conditions during the winter months.



 Department Identifier* Location
 SCFD  Company 30
 Oak Run
 SCFD  Company 33
 Bella Vista
 SCFD  Company 71
 Montgomery Creek
 CAL FIRE  Station 34  Buckhorn
 Station 73
 Shasta College
 Station 74
 Diddy Wells

* Click on the Station or Company for more information.

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