Battalion 4

Battalion Chief - Scott Corn (B2414)

Battalion 4 encompasses the valley floor of Shasta County. Battalion 4’s 27 uniformed personnel protect life, property and the environment through their direct involvement in firefighting, emergency medical care, technical and water rescues, and community service events. They also provide fire protection services under mutual/automatic aid agreements to the incorporated areas of the City of Redding, the City of Anderson, and the fire district’s of Cottonwood and Happy Valley.

Battalion 4’s two career fire stations are Palo Cedro’s Station 32, and Redding Station 43, located at the Redding Municipal Airport. In addition, the Battalion also includes the volunteer fire companies of Palo Cedro and West Valley. Battalion 4 has a very diverse demographic and a large variety of land uses, ranging from complex commercial structures to rural area farmlands.


 Department Identifier* Location
 SCFD  Company 32
 Palo Cedro
 SCFD  Station 32
 Palo Cedro
 SCFD  Company 55
 West Valley
 Station 43

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