Battalion 6

Battalion Chief - Andy Reiling (B2416)

Battalion 6 is located in the eastern part of Trinity County serving the communities of Douglas City, Hayfork, Junction City, Lewiston and Weaverville. The Battalion encompasses approximately 277,000 acres of mountain terrain, which a large portion is used for timber production. The rest of the acreage is large areas of government lands with private lands concentrated around the communities.

During peak staffing there are 4 engines staffed at three stations.

In addition, Bully Choop Lookout at 7000’ elevation is staffed during lightning storms and other high fire danger days.

During the non-peak season the Battalion provides TrinityCounty with one Training Officer through contract with the county. This Training Officer provides training to the 14 Fire Departments and Districts that spread throughout the County. In addition, other personnel work with the Trinity County Building Department ensuring that Fire Safe regulations are met in regards to roads, parcel splits/land division, and new construction.


 Department Identifier* Location
 CAL FIRE  Station 60
 Station 61
 Fawn Lodge
 Station 62

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