Redding Air Attck Base

Battalion Chief - Aaron Burough (B2408)

raab1The Redding Air Attack Base (RAAB) was established in the late 1960’s and is located at the CAL FIRE Northern Operations Center on Airport Road. The RAAB is an interagency base between the CAL FIRE and the Forest Service.

RAAB responds to an average of 200 calls per year. CAL FIRE staff at the base consists of one Battalion Chief, two Fire Captains and 5 seasonal firefighters. The complement of aircraft assigned includes, Air Attack 240, which is an OV-10 Bronco, and two S-2T air tankers, T-94 and T-95. These air tankers are capable of carrying 1200 gallons of fire retardant. Also assigned to the base is Air Attack 503, a King Air. This aircraft is used as a training platform for new Air Tactical Group Supervisors students. (ATGS)

On average the RAAB pumps approximately 827,000 gallons of fire retardant a year. During to 1999 fire season, RAAB pumped a peak of 290,000 gallons in a day while supporting the Jones Fire in the Bella Vista area.

RAAB has a vast response area which spans from Red Bluff to the Oregon Boarder and from Hayfork to Mt. Lassen. CAL FIRE has strategically located its air resources throughout California with a goal of providing air resources to any fire incident within 20 minutes.

The Forest Service also provides contracted air tankers. There are two types of air tankers the Forest Service contracts, P-3 Orion and a P2-V. These air tankers are capable of carrying 2500 gallons of fire retardant. These aircraft are not permanently assigned to any specific base. Due to the limited number of air tankers the Forest Service stations these air tankers based on fire potential. Typically during the fire season a Federal air tanker will be in and out of Redding several times throughout the year.


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