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justinFor additional information on your local Volunteer Fire Company or how to become a member, please contact Shasta County Fire Department, Becky Thompson, at (530)225-4460.

Who are we?

We are a community based volunteer organization of 250+ members located in 18 Shasta County locations.  We are men and women just like you making a differance by supporting our community.

Shasta County Fire contracts with CAL FIRE to administer and integrate the two organizations into one cohesive group.  This provides a greater force of firefighters and equipment to respond to all types of emergencies throughout Shasta County.

Community Involvement

These programs provide a partnership between volunteers and their own neighborhoods:

    Fire Prevention education for children

    Home Fire Safety programs

    Community activities participation

    Fund raising for necessary equipment and supplies

    Fire Chaplin and victim support

What we do

SCFD Volunteer Firefighters respond to various types of calls: 

    Structure Fires

    Wildland Fires

    Vehicle Fires

    Medical Aids

    Traffic Accidents

    Hazardous Materials Spills

Training for Excellence

Training is an integral part and foundation for an efficient and effective organization.  Various skills are both learned and improved upon through continued education.  


    Emergency Medical

    Fire Engine Operator

    Rescue Training

    Fire Company Officer


Are You Ready?

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