Training Bureau

Battalion Chief - Lance Berry (B2407)

training1The Shasta County Fire Department's Training Bureau is staffed by small group of dedicated professionals. During the summer months a Fire Captain and a part time Office Assistant keep things rolling. In the winter months the staff is increased by adding 3-4 Training Officers from the CAL-FIRE ranks. These hard working winter Training Officers are assigned, with vehicles and specialized equipment, to bring quality training topics to the individual volunteer companies throughout the Department.

Every year the Shasta County Training Committee, consisting of representatives from CAL-FIRE and volunteer company Training Officers and Chiefs recommends subjects, topics, and evolutions that are put onto the training schedule. With the addition of the state and federal mandated training for firefighters, the training schedule is filled out and the winter Training Officers provide it in the evening at the volunteer stations. The training sessions are a minimum of three hours and in 2009 included; Communicable Disease, Medical Skills, CPR, Ropes & Knots, Hazardous Materials, Vehicle Extrication Hazards, Pump Operations, Map Reading & GPS, Fire Investigation, Vegetation Fire Safety, and Swift Water Awareness.

In addition to the in-house training mentioned above the Shasta County Fire Departments Training Bureau coordinated, instructed, or sponsored 9 State Fire Marshal (SFM) classes, 3 National Wildland Coordinating Group (NWCG) classes, and several others including the Fire Control Series 1-4, Confined Space Awareness,  Low Angle Rope Rescue Operations. Introduction to Incident Command Systems, EMS First Responder, and Forcible Entry. These additional classes are usually taught over a series on weekends, or evenings to meet the needs of the volunteer firefighters. Most classes are open to other local agencies, offering a great opportunity to network with other firefighters within our area.

The Shasta County Training Bureau supplied 873 instructor hours. The typical Shasta County Fire Department volunteer, on average, attended over 100 hours focused training racking up 16,660 student hours in 2009.  Great Job!


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