Fire Stations by Community


 Community  Identifier *
 Department  Staffing
 Bella Vista  Company 33  SCFD  Volunteer
 Big Bend  Company 70  SCFD  Volunteer
 Big Bend  Station 19  CAL FIRE  Seasonal
 Buckhorn  Station 34  CAL FIRE  Seasonal
 Burney  Station 14  CAL FIRE  Seasonal
 Cassel  Company 10  SCFD  Volunteer
 Centerville  Company 52  SCFD  Volunteer
 Diddy Wells  Station 74  CAL FIRE  Seasonal
 Fawn Lodge  Station 61  CAL FIRE  Seasonal
 French Gulch  Company 59  SCFD  Volunteer
 Hat Creek  Company 11  SCFD  Volunteer
 Hayfork  Station 62  CAL FIRE  Seasonal
 Hillcrest  Station 75  CAL FIRE  Seasonal
 Igo  Company 50  SCFD  Volunteer
 Jones Vally  Company 72  SCFD  Volunteer
 Keswick  Company 53  SCFD  Volunteer
 Lakehead  Company 54  SCFD  Volunteer
 Montgomery Creek  Company 71  SCFD  Volunteer
 Oak Run  Company 30  SCFD  Volunteer
 Old Station  Company 12  SCFD  Volunteer
 Ono  Station 57  CAL FIRE  Seasonal
 Palo Cedro  Company 32  SCFD  Staffed All Year
 Redding  Station 43  CAL FIRE  Staffed All Year
 Shasta  Station 58  CAL FIRE  Staffed All Year
 Shasta College  Station 73  CAL FIRE  Staffed All Year
 Shingletown  Company 20  SCFD  Volunteer
 Shingletown  Station 22  CAL FIRE  Staffed All Year
 Soldier Mountain  Company 13  SCFD  Volunteer
 Weaverville  Station 60  CAL FIRE  Seasonal
 West Valley  Company 55  SCFD  Volunteer
 Whitmore  Company 31  SCFD  Volunteer
 Whitmore  Station 35  CAL FIRE  Seasonal

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