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Prevention Bureau

Law Enforcement Battalion Chief - JT Zulliger

The Fire Prevention Bureau is comprised of: Pre-Fire Planning and Engineering Division (Shasta County Fire Marshal, Fire Safety Inspector, and Pre Fire Engineer), the   Investigation/Law Enforcement Division (Battalion Chief, Fire Captain Specialist) and an Information / Education Section (Fire Prevention Specialist)

Law Enforcement Summary

There are 11 sworn Peace Officers (PC 830.2) and 8 sworn Public Officers (PC 830.7) in the Shasta Trinity Unit.


Over the last year the Prevention Bureau processed 29 citations which encompassed 47 law violations. There were 6 infractions, 21 misdemeanor, and 2 felony charges. These violations are recorded as follow: Health & Safety (11), Public Resource Code (7), Penal Code (13), Business & Practice Code (5), and Vehicle Code (6).


There were seven custodial arrests in 2009, of which three were composed from major case reports to the District Attorney’s Office. The DA’s office issued Arrest Warrants for these individuals in which CAL FIRE Law Enforcement Officers executed and booked these individuals into the county jail.


The Prevention Bureau received four assist requests from other agencies in the last year. Hayfork, Burney, and Cottonwood each requested assistance with arson related incidents. One request was for CAL FIRE Law Enforcement Officers to assist with a Bank Robbery which occurred in the Burney Area.

Inspection and Code Enforcement

Public Resource Code 4291 is the law that requires homeowners to have 100 feet (or to the property line) of defensible space around the structures on their property.  Firefighters and Volunteers In Prevention conduct an average of 2,000 inspections yearly.  Most inspections take place in the late winter and early spring months to help prepare homeowners.


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